BIG Individual trinkets

BIG Individual I spy  trinkets by letter to complete alphabet box BIG Individual I spy  trinkets by letter to complete alphabet box BIG Individual I spy  trinkets by letter to complete alphabet box

Trinkets with specific beginning sound to complete your Alphabet, for speech therapy and more educational games and crafts.
Here you will find list of all the big available trinkets by letters.
Images for all the trinkets are not available yet. You can find some of them and get a general impression from BIG ABC sets

5 objects in random or specific choice
If you need larger quantity than 5, change order's quantity accordingly (2 sets for 10 objects, 3 sets - 15 objects and so on) On other hand if you need less than 5, use the option "different letters" in variations menu "Letter" and leave a note to order what letters do you need.
Some words require combination of 2 and more trinkets, they marked "2pcs" in brackets, take it into account if ordering one of them.
For example:
- utensils is fork and spoon
- zoo is a fence and 3 jungle animals
Number of available big trinkets by letters:
● A - 5
acorn, airplane, alien, alligator, anchor
● B - 11
baby bottle, banana, batman, bicycle, bottle of wine, bow, bulb, bunch of bananas, bunny, butterfly, button
● C - 17
cage, camera, canoe, cap, Captain America, carrot, castle, cherry, chick, clock, clothespin, cloud, comb, cookie, coral, corn, crown
● D - 5
dog, dolphin, donkey, dress, duck
● E - 6
easter egg, Eiffel tower, eight, elephant, eye, eyeglasses
● F - 9
fence, fish, fishbone, flip flop, flower, fly, fork, fox, french fries
● G - 11
gear, gemstone, gingerbread man, giraffe, girl, glass slipper, glasses, goat, grapes, grapefruit slice, gun
● H - 9
halloween hammer, hand, heart, hedgehog, hen, high heel, honey, horse, hot pepper
● I - 5
ice-cream, ice-skates, icicle, insect, island
● J - 5
Japanese girl, jar, jellyfish, jewel, jolly roger
● K - 3
kangaroo, kettle, key
● L - 9
ladder, ladybug, leaf, lemon, lion, lips, lipstick, lobster, lock
● M - 4
moon, mouse, mushroom, mustache
● N - 4
needle, nine, note (musical), numbers (3pcs)
● O - 6
octopus, orange slice, origami, oven mitt, owl, ox
● P - 11
pan with egg, parrot, pea, peacock, penguin, pepper, pineapple, pizza, popcorn, pram, puzzle
● Q - 9
quartz, queen, queen carriage, queen conch, queen frog, quiche, quilt, quiver (3pcs)
● R - 4
rabbit, rat (mouse), rocking horse, rudder
● S - 16
seahorse, shoe, skateboard, skeleton, skimmer, snail, snake, snowflake, spider, spoon, squirrel, star, starfish, sun, sunglasses, swan
● T - 6
tape measure, teapot, tomato, tooth, toothpaste, tree
● U - 4
ultrasound, umbrella, unicorn, utensils (2pcs)
● V - 4
vampire bat, vegetables (3pcs), viking, violin
● W - 5
watermelon, web, wind mill, wine, wing
● X - 3
xanthisma (sleepy daisy), x-ray, xylophone (counts as 5pcs)
● Y - 3
yak, yoyo, yule tree
● Z - 6
zebra crossing, zebrafish, zero, zigzag, zipper, zoo (4pcs)

Most of the objects are mix of charms, beads, buttons, cabochons and miniatures made of metal, plastic, resin and wood. And few handmade pieces made of fabric, felt or paper.
Paper prints are ultrasound, x-ray, zebra crossing.

most trinkets are 2.5-7 cm (1-3 inch)
Small parts. Adult supervision is required.

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