All about TomToy Quiet books

Quiet book (or busy book/ cloth book... there are lots of names) is a fabric book with interactive and educational pages for children. It keeps them occupied and teaches essential dressing skills.

Books intended for 1-5 years old. From simple colorful images with interactive details to various fasteners for fine motor skills challenges. Pretend play books, like a dollhouse, will be interesting to kids even longer.

Activities by Age:
Age 0.5-1 years
Touch and feel, seek and find, lifting flaps, colors, color matching, shapes, counting, fasteners - velcro, zipper, magnets
Age 1-3 years
Colors matching and sorting, shapes, counting, numbers, clock, I spy, fasteners - velcro, snaps, zipper, pegs, magnets, buckles, hooks, buttons, weaving, lacing
Age 3-5 years
Pretend play, clock, counting, numbers, math, games (memory, tic tac toe, tangram), seasons, weather, fasteners - buttons, weaving, snaps, magnetic games, buckles, hooks, lace and tie, braiding

In the galleries below you will find all the pages made before for TomToy quiet books.
Many of them are custom designed, so feel free to suggest new ideas.

Pages gallery
Theme pages gallery

Gallery of completed books:
Custom books
Custom books
Little quiet books
Little custom books
Theme books
Theme books

TomToy book is a one of a kind piece handmade by me. Your pages will be similar, but not the same. You can see it in books gallery, how it changes with time and different fabrics.
A book may include 4-12 activity pages (beside covers)
Some themes may include just two pages, like this weather chart
You advised to choose an even number of pages.

The covers included, please don't count them as pages.
The front cover features child's name or other title.
The back cover usually is a pocket for removable pieces (not in little books).

The pages made from 100% cotton fabric lined with fusible interfacing for stiffness. Batting between the pages.
Removable pieces and appliques usually made from polyester felt and sometimes from fabrics.
Variety of buckles, buttons, laces, magnets, snaps … for fun fine motor skills training.
The book is washable.

Standard books 20x20 cm (8x8")
Little quiet books 17x17 cm (6.7x6.7")

• Pick 4-12 pages you like (even number of pages 4/6/8/10/12)
• Contact me at and send me images of the pages you want
• Tell me any special preferences:
- name/title for front cover
- book binding - rings/cord/ribbon (changeable pages) or fabric sewn together (permanent book)
- book closure - magnet snap/velcro/button-loop/bow
- cover color/theme
- extra removable pieces, about 2-4$ a piece
• Make a payment using paypal buttons below or ask for invoice. Tell me where you from to calculate shipping cost.

Production takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on number of pages + turnaround time. Need it sooner? Check the ready pages 
Book ships with EMS, shipping to most countries normally takes 3-7 days. However there are exceptions, for example Australia, that might take about 2 weeks.
EMS cost 27-33$.

40-64$ per one page
Little quiet books - 36$ per page.
An average price of 6 page book is 350$

Payment buttons for custom personalized quiet books
Ordering a book in single step category:

STEP1 Number of pages

STEP2 Number of pages

STEP3 Number of pages

Ordering a book with mixed steps:

Mixed steps single page

Little quiet book
Number of pages

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