How to order?
Some of the items already have paypal button for payment.
For others just email me at telling what are you interested in (preferably with picture or link to the item).

Quiet books
Ready made quiet books
Quiet books
Custom personalized quiet books
Felt "paper" doll

I spy trinkets TomToy
I spy trinkets

Crochet patterns
Crochet kits

Customers reviews on Etsy 

● PayPal
● Payoneer
● For Israeli residents any other convenient payment method


May vary depending on your destination and parcel weight.
Estimated worldwide shipping for parcel weighed from 100 gr to 1 kg:
● Standard Registered 2-4 weeks ( 5-15$)
● Ecopost:                  1-2 weeks  (10-16$)
● EMS:                       3-10 business days (27-33$)
● DHL:                       3 business days (55$)

quiet book weighs 300-700gr


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